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Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Ministry provides services for key events in every church member’s life. We encourage our spiritual family to lead healthy and balanced lives by encouraging each other to build a life testimony that honors God.

Here are our pastoral services.


We are here to comfort, encourage, and show support to anyone who is hospitalized, in a nursing home, or in some other way isolated. Whether you need prayer or just a friendly visit, please let us know so we can be there for you.

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Child Dedication

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An event where parents (church members) declare their faith before family and friends as they dedicate their children, committing to raise these children in Godly principles and parenting them according to the word of God.


In the event of a passing church member or their immediate relative, we extend comfort, and render funeral and burial services upon request.

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House Dedication

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It is appropriate for Christian people to dedicate the place where they live to the glory of God.

Business Dedication

Your business can be considered your baby in more ways than one. Just like your newborn, it can be dedicated to God.

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Life in the Son Guam -

We officiate weddings of church members. We also provide marriage preparation seminars and one-on-one pre-marital counseling for engaged couples. Kindly make arrangements with our pastor beforehand and book at least two months prior to the event.

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