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Life Groups

Jesus made disciples in small groups. Rather than making disciples of twelve men individually, or independent of each other, Jesus chose to build a team of twelve disciples. Although He ministered to each disciple privately when the need arose, His discipleship was mostly a group project. In the same way Jesus considered making disciples essential to His ministry, Life in the Son considers small groups essential to church growth.

Life Groups Leaders-02.png

Leader: Elisa Taleu

Life Groups Leaders-03.png

Leaders: Arman & Melinda Guieb 

Life Groups Leaders Photo-18.png

Leaders: Elmor & Jenn De Rosas

Life Groups Leaders v2-01.png

Leader: Roel Gutierrez

Lifegroup Leaders Photo-02.jpg

Leaders: Nette Trinidad / Dr. Egay Aban

Life Groups Leaders-05.png

Leaders: Marco & Nicole Caser

Life Groups Leaders Photo B2-14.png

Leader: Rodney Dela Rosa

Life Groups Leaders-08.png

Leaders: Josh & Rose Toves

Life Groups Leaders-09.png

Leaders: Ricky & Celi Puod

Life Groups Leaders Photo B2-10.png

Leader: Georgia Borja

Life Groups Leaders_Galtithmed-12.png

Leaders: Thomas & Arleen Galtithmed

Life Groups Leaders-07.png

Leaders: Lawrence & Tez Batangan

Lifegroup Leaders Photo-03.jpg

Leaders: Clint & Kris Gianchanrd

Lifegroup Leaders Photo-01.jpg

Leaders: Ferdie Dakis & Neil Bosing

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